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The IdentCenter: consolidated knowhow.


Our strength is the confident command of complex processes in identifying candidates for our current projects. One of the components backing our promise of excellence is the DEININGER IdentCenter. Here, 39 employees, speaking 14 languages, concentrate on the long-term observation of the international personnel market in its various aspects. The latest results of this ongoing market research are always available to the consulting teams. The IdentCenter utilizes state-of-the-art research and communication tools to identify suitable candidates; in addition to a network that has developed over many years, this specifically includes effective databases and documentation.



Following direct calls to explore the potential candidate’s willingness to move, we conduct carefully prepared telephone interviews with the candidates in order to examine their general profiles, to arouse their interest and to motivate them to consider a new challenge.  We base our decisions on contacts, identification and database information.

In addition to academic qualifications and references, we review professional capabilities, communication and social skills, team spirit, organizational talent and innovation, as well as creativity and intercultural competence.



If our meticulous potential analysis shows that qualifications, personality and commitment meet expectations, we then conduct more detailed individual interviews to discuss career path, future plans, commitment and naturally the potential new position in the target company.

Following these interviews we generally select three to six candidates to be presented to our clients by way of a written report.


State-of-the-art research tools: a systematic approach to success.

Our Hunter NT database is a network that has developed over many years. The IdentCenter conducts fast and efficient searches based on relevant media analysis, data gleaned from continual research, as well as the systematic utilization and analysis of industry tools. The most up-to-date information possible is guaranteed by constant maintenance and further development of the Hunter NT database, in compliance with the strictest security standards to protect our clients and candidates.


Hunter – our powerful database.

Our specialized team of 17 employees bridges the gap between classic job advertising and complete personnel consulting. The focus is on active candidate search and contact in all relevant Internet databases. Of particular interest here is the so-called passive candidate market, encouraging professionals in full time employment to apply for vacant positions.


WebSearch – efficient use of new media.


In the focused search for suitable candidates, we can also rely on the consolidated expertise of the DEININGER Group, e.g. the professional eRecruitment specialist EUROSEARCH.


To play a part in the future, you must act today. Mirja Linke Partner
A thorough knowledge of diverse industries and international company structures creates the basis for successful long-term cooperation with our clients and candidates in Europe and Asia. Stefan Schuberth Partner
If you do not wish to change anything, you will also lose the things you wish to keep. Christian Tuttlies Consultant
New media offers new opportunities. We make the potential of eRecruitment work for you. Thorsten Ebertshäuser Partner
In China, loyalty and integrity are at least as important as specialist knowledge and professional experience. Lodowing Insiun Managing Director
To be successful in international markets, one must differentiate between subjective wishes and objective opportunities. Werner Mummert Managing Director
Generating knowledge from information leads to successful consulting. Hassan El Manfalouty Managing Director
Entrepreneurial independence and strong equity capital serve as our basis for new ventures in future. Thomas Deininger Managing Director
If the employee you are looking for is to add to your assets in future, his absence must be generating losses right now. When will you start the ball rolling? Rainer Pauly Managing Director
Processes are only ever as good as the people who manage them and must therefore always be flexible enough to adjust to the needs of the clients and candidates to ensure sustainable success. Kai Deininger Partner
The art of perfect research lies in finding the professional who remains undiscovered by others. Joy Edwin Thanarajah Consultant
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