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Besuchen Sie uns am 26. Juni in Frankfurt am Main von 09:00 bis 17:35 Uhr auf der Sino HR Conference


Dann findet die 6. Deutsch-Chinesische Personalkonferenz unter dem Motto "Aktuelle Entwicklungen des Deutsch-Chinesischen Personalmanagements" statt.


Die Sino HR Conference ist das einzige deutschlandweite Event zu Themen des deutsch-chinesischen Personalmanagements für Unternehmen mit China-Bezug. Seit 2012 informiert die Veranstaltung Geschäftsführer, Personalleiter und Personalverantwortliche im jährlichen Rhythmus über aktuelle Entwicklungen des deutsch-chinesischen HR-Managements.


Fachexperten und Unternehmensvertreter referieren zu den Herausforderungen, die ausländische Unternehmen in China mit Blick auf das Gewinnen, Halten, Entwickeln und Weiterbilden von lokalen und ausländischen Mitarbeitern erwarten.


Mit den diesjährigen Schwerpunktthemen „Digital Development/WeChat in HR“ und „Duale Berufsausbildung in China“ widmet sich die Konferenz - auch im 6. Jahr wieder - hochrelevanten Themen zu.


Erleben den Vortrag von Lodowing Insiun - Deininger Consulting:: "Von der verlängertern Werkbank zur Industrie 4.0 - Wird die Digitalisierung der Industrie Chinas Arbeitsmarkt wirklich verändern?".


Wir freuen uns auf Sie.

If you do not wish to change anything, you will also lose the things you wish to keep. Christian Tuttlies Consultant
Entrepreneurial independence and strong equity capital serve as our basis for new ventures in future. Thomas Deininger Managing Director
In this profession we are passionate in bringing the right candidate and the right company together. We guide and support companies in creating positively the future and in positioning their strategic advantage amongst competitors. Dr. Sebastian Tegethoff Consultant
A changing technology landscape needs leaders who recognize changes as opportunities. Creative lateral thinking and the ability to identify these opportunities create the entrepreneurial success of tomorrow. Gerold Schüll Consultant
To play a part in the future, you must act today. Mirja Linke Partner
Generating knowledge from information leads to successful consulting. Hassan El Manfalouty Managing Director
In China, loyalty and integrity are at least as important as specialist knowledge and professional experience. Lodowing Insiun Managing Director
A thorough knowledge of diverse industries and international company structures creates the basis for successful long-term cooperation with our clients and candidates in Europe and Asia. Stefan Schuberth Partner
Processes are only ever as good as the people who manage them and must therefore always be flexible enough to adjust to the needs of the clients and candidates to ensure sustainable success. Kai Deininger Partner
The art of perfect research lies in finding the professional who remains undiscovered by others. Joy Edwin Thanarajah Consultant
To be successful in international markets, one must differentiate between subjective wishes and objective opportunities. Werner Mummert Managing Director
If the employee you are looking for is to add to your assets in future, his absence must be generating losses right now. When will you start the ball rolling? Rainer Pauly Managing Director
New media offers new opportunities. We make the potential of eRecruitment work for you. Thorsten Ebertshäuser Partner
I see integrity and honesty as the foundation of professional recruitment. Oliver Neumann Managing Director
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